Our Hobbies & Interests:
  • Music - My husband and I have been enjoying Saturdays at our drummer's house for years.  We have a nice meal similar to a family Thanksgiving get together, play music, laugh and have a good time.  Although we enjoy an audience our get-togethers are usually quite small.  We call ourselves the Mike Madison Trio now.  You can see some photos of our band in action and just socializing here - Meet The Humans.


  • Investing - I'm an avid reader and researcher when it comes to investing in stocks, mutual funds, and real estate.  I am my own financial planner and I monitor my own investments for both long term and short term goals.  So far I'm on track for a solid retirement.


  • Photography - Since I received my first digital camera for my birthday (summer of 2004), I've been photographing my animals and sending the photos to various pet industry magazines and websites.  So far, I've won Pet of the Month for a lovely photo of my sun conure, Whammy.  That entitled me to a $25 gift certificate at my usual pet supply store.  I'm hoping to make the cover on Bird Talk Magazine or Birds USA for $250.  But I can start small.  I have a lot to learn, but I'm having so much fun with this camera and in entering all the contests.


  • Writing - I enjoy writing and not only have I written several pet related articles for my website here, but I have also just recently submitted several stories to Bird Talk.  I write a lot for the National Cockatiel Society and a lot of that is done answering posts on the Talk About Tiels boards, but I also have had articles published in the bi-monthly journal for which I also proof read for.  I also had a small bit published in an internal employer sponsored publication for administrative assistants called The Administrative Edge while I worked at The Principal Financial Group back in 1996.


  • Parrots - We have enjoyed having parrots in our life for many years now.  Our flock is very spoiled and we feel more like their slaves than their owners.  Much of our life is devoted to our birds.  We have 23 parrots total = 1 Barraband, 16 Cockatiels, 4 Conures, 2 Pionus.
    • To view photos of our parrots, click below:

    The Barraband

    The Cockatiels

    The Conures

    The Pionus

    What do they sound like?


    • Some of my favorite bird-related links:

      Winged Wisdom Pet Bird Magazine Ezine

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  • Computers  - My husband is the real techie here in the family building and repairing computers on the side while I enjoy the "lighter side" of computers such as using various programs and web site publishing.  My hubby is the professional who works on networks for a living and he also had our computers here at home networked as well.  If you are interested in talking to Mike about getting some computer work done, please contact him at mcalternative@sbcglobal.com


  • Nature & Environment - We both believe in recycling and in taking care of the environment.  Spending time amongst nature and the natural world is another love of ours.


  • Animal Rescue - Many of our pets were obtained through various rescue organizations.  There are so many wonderful pets of various ages and needs looking for loving homes.


  • Being Thankful - We feel we are truly blessed with our pets, our health, our happiness, our friends and family, and our jobs.  We try not to take anything for granted and not a day goes by that we don't communicate our thankfulness to God. 


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