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My Aquarium Photo Gallery  

The 46 gallon bow front tank is currently home to 5 black phantom tetras, 1 three-spot male gourami, 1 orange male betta, a couple dozen emerald cories, 6 harlequin rasboras and 1 Bolivian ram.  I have some sword plants, java fern, java moss and a little floating duckweed as well as a couple small anubias (I think).


46 gallon bow front - Sept. 2007


My 20 gallon tall tank is currently home to 2 pearl gouramis and one paradise fish.  That tank also has some swords, java ferns and java moss with a little duckweed.  My eventual plan would be to stop using this tank (sell it or retire it to a hospital tank or a breeding tank) and start up a larger tank, either a 72 gallon bow front or a 125 gallon tank.


20 gallon tall - Sept. 2007


The 30 gallon long tank is home to my two goldfish.  I hope to move them into a pond someday and give them some extra company too.  Right now they keep the duckweed under control that is in my other tanks and they have some java ferns and anachris in their tank.


30 gallon long - Sept. 2007


A few years ago I tried some of my emerald cories in the 20 gallon tank and I happened to catch them spawning on 7/16/04.  Here is a video showing all the eggs on the glass, plus the large female and small male following her everywhere.  She holds her eggs in her pelvic fins where they become fertilized.  Then she places the eggs in a suitable location that was previously cleaned and in the case of my video, you will see that is all over the aquarium glass.  The batch of eggs that are fertilized in this video are placed on the side glass to the left.  This tank was home to my (at the time) newly adopted gourami (who now resides in my 46 gallon bow front).  Take a look at this cory mating video here.

These are old photos of my tanks from 2004.  Click on the thumbnails to view a larger photo.

This is my 46 gallon bow front tropical aquarium from June 2004 which happens to be when I received a digital camera for my birthday.

Here's a photo that shows you many of the fish in the 46 gallon bowfront tank in July 2004.

The blur at the bottom is two bronze corydora catfish spawning in the 20 gallon tank. Look at all those eggs on the glass!

This is another photo of my 30 gallon long coldwater tank from July 2004.

Here is my goldfish tank with a bunch of new plants. The plants may not last long and the fish have been gobbling up the duckweed I tossed in.

This was the gourami that I was given when I went on a job interview. This fish used to sit in a small tank behind the secretary's desk.

A few of my tetras and some cories in my 46 gallon after some new plants were added Oct. 7th, 2005.

The front left corner of the newly planted 46 gallon tank.

My newly planted 46 gallon tank on 10-07-05.


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