My Cockatiels Photo Gallery  

We have 18 pet cockatiels and as soon as we can get a decent picture of the rest of the flock members, we will get them posted.

See The Babies Hatched May 22, 2005 and May 25, 2005

See The Baby Hatched August 6th, 2005

Click on the thumbnails to view a larger photo.

How many cockatiels can you find in this photo? <smile>

Mr. Buttons, the "king" of Cockatiel Kingdom here. He was hatched in August 1981.

This photo was taken literally minutes prior to hearing from his previous owner. He was still sitting there as we chatted.

Mike & Buttons after learning his secrets from his prior owner. (Fan is never on when birds are out)

This is the Cockatiel Apartments, where Mr. Buttons reigns supreme. There are only 2 cockatiels who live elsewhere and that is due to handicaps.

Maxwell (young Normal Grey male, at time of photo) and CreamPuff. That is Creamy by himself in the bottom photo.

Here is Maxwell (in the foreground) and Buttons (on the right) settling down for a nap after a busy fun-filled day.

That is Jules above and Jules with friends, Creamy & Max, below.

Jules (L) and Lula (R), both Cinnamons. What a nice couple they make despite their age difference. He was hatched in 2001, she was hatched 1989.

Here is a closeup of the happy couple, Jules and Lula. They're never too far from each other it seems.

This is Allie (WF Cinn Pearl) & her mate, CreamPuff, pictured in their High Rise Apartment. They share this space with Little Bird, a Barraband hen.

Here is Allie with friends enjoying an afternoon outdoors which included a surprise shower.

What a beautiful Allie girl. That is Jules you see in the background.

This is Allie telling me she wants her bath. She got what she asked for just moments after this photo was taken. How could I resist?

Sunshine (Cinn Pied) and Mr. Missy (WF Pied). These boys are very fond of each other, but Sunshine has been showing interest in GeorgieGirl lately.

Here is a nice photo of Mr. Missy. Isn't he a pretty boy?

Here is our male Cinnamon Pied, Sunshine. This is the object of Mr. Missy's affections.

Here is Spanky & Darla. They're a brother/sister bonded pair so I can never allow their eggs to hatch. Luckily, no eggs have been laid recently.

This is Frosty, a pastelface pearl male hatched April 1, 2003. I won him at a bird fair in Montgomery, Alabama Labor Day weekend 2003.

Here is Frosty playing with a "Birdie Pinata".

My beautiful Lutino pearl hen, Georgie Girl.

One of our "Love Triangles" - Mr. Missy (WF Pied male) loves Sunshine (Cinn Pied male), and Sunshine likes Mr. Missy, but really likes Georgie.

Enjoying a plate of fresh veggies and brown rice. 3 girls on the right, and 2 boys on the left. I see 9 tiels altogether in this photo.

Cindy turns her head for some loving from her boyfriend, Frosty. They are both only 1 year old - just babies, really.

This is Whitey, my blind male cockatiel. He was hatched in 1993 and was used as a breeder in several states before I acquired him.

You can see Whitey's girlfriend, Sheila, below in this photo.

Here is a nice photo of Sheila. She is a yellow cheek cinnamon pearl.

In the frying pan with you, bird! LOL! Here is Cream Puff taking a bath in the frying pan.

This is Petey, approx. 10 yrs old. His owners dropped him off with me on 7/30/05. He's already switched to pellets and fresh foods.

Here the flock swarms the platter of fresh veggies. What good eaters they are.

See Petey (right) follow Maxwell (left) everywhere he goes. Petey fell in love with his reflection as a lone tiel and once here, he found Maxwell.


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