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Cozzy is very playful and fun to watch.

Avocado (a.k.a. Cozzy), our green cheek/maroon belly conure hybrid. Hatched January 2001.

Cozzy Man. He is quite the little talker and among his favorites are Sweet Man, Who's Sweet?, I'm Smart, (the kissy sound), Be Sweetheart, Love You.


Wham and Cozzy actually behaving themselves together - quick take the picture.

Here they are keeping an eye on each other on one of their play gyms.

Right before Cozzy attacked Whammy for the toy he was chewing on. Cozzy is trying to make himself look big and tall.

Sammy Whammy, our sun conure. Hatched May 2002.

This is Whammy in his High Rise home. He'll stay inside here even if you leave his door open. He loves his cage.

Whammy rips up one of Stinky's toys on Stinky's cage. Much fun is had exploring each other's cages and destroying each other's toys.

Gizzy loves Brownberry 12 Grain bread. The dogs hang around to clean up her leftovers.

Gizzy/Gizmo, our nanday conure. Hatch approximately (Oct?) 2002.

Little Giz taking a nap in the sleeping cage. What a little angel.

What a sweet, gentle Gizzy Bird. Don't you just want to smother him with kisses?

Bebe, our green cheek conure. Hatched May 2003.

A freshly bathed Bebe. What a beauty.

This is the Little Conure Apartments - Cozzy is on top and Bebe is on the bottom.

Cozzy needs no encouraging to bathe in his water cup on his favorite play gym.

Whammy loves his baths too. See his missing tailfeathers? He freaked out when he saw the new mister and dropped 4 of his tail feathers. Poor guy.

Cozzy is scritching a good spot on Whammy. They couldn't be sweeter towards each other at the moment.

This is often how you will find two bonded birds. They participate in the same behaviors at the same times while perching close together.

What a lucky day for me to get so many cute pictures of these two boys behaving.

Wham and Cozzy mirror-imaging each other on a sunny Saturday evening. Oct. 9th, 2004

Whammy (sun conure) grew up with this little cockatiel (Sunshine) and you can see they are still quite fond of each other.

Maxi's first day home. She bravely steps out to greet her new world.

This isn't Maxi's best photo, but it shows you where some of her neighbors are. You can see some of the cockatiels in the background here.

Can you see her happy little eyes here? 11/21/04 was her first day here and she is settling in quickly.

Here is Maxi, all snug as a bug, taking an early evening nap in her happy hut, 11/22/04 around 5pm.

Gizmo, my nanday, helping me answer posts on the National Cockatiel Society website.

Cozzy and Whammy helping me sort beans to make soup.


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