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Here's Roxanne (red/white) and Francis (a.k.a. Puppy) who happens to be the grandson of Roxanne's sister. Francis is deaf and was born in March 2002.

Here is Roxy lounging on the couch. What a foxy Italian Greyhound lady.

What a face, huh? Makes you want to kiss that nose, doesn't it?

His old family didn't know how to train a deaf dog and didn't realize many Italian Greyhounds have trouble with housebreaking. It takes much effort.

This is skinny puppy Francis just before we acquired him. He was frostbitten in several places from being left out in the cold.

Old man Nucci. We're not exactly sure how old he is, but we adopted him at approx. age 12 in July 2002. He is an Italian Greyhound.

Here is old man Nucci again. His cataracts just began getting worse in the spring of 2004. We cherish each day we have left with this old guy.

Nucci wanting back in the house.

This is China, born 8/28/03. She belongs to my friend Jennis and she is a very spoiled and smart Chinese Crested Powder Puff.

Roxy & Francis (aka Puppy Man) doing what they do best - snuggle.


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