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My 37th Birthday - the start of my webpage since my present from my hubby was a nice Fuji FinePix S3000 digital camera.

Here is that guy who married me.

Me and my sweetie, on Jimmy's deck.

My wonderful Dad and his sweetheart, Madalin. Married 11/01/01. They've loved each other since they were teenagers.

My best friend Jennis and me.

Jennis (guest drummer), Paul (Jennis' boyfriend and sax player), and Jimmy (drummer). This was taken on Jimmy's deck. Our band practices at Jimmy's.

Margi (bass), Paul (sax), and Mike (lead guitar). St. Patrick's Day 2002 at Jim's.

Our drummer, Jimmy, also on St. Patrick's Day 2002.

Mike playing my Curbow bass guitar.

This was Mike and I on the Murder Myster Dinner Train in 1996. What a sweet looking couple.

August 10, 1999 - We finally tied the knot.

This is Jennis' daughter Shanna, her husband Rich and their son Thomas. They have a beautiful farmhouse in Iowa where they both work from home.

This is Jennis' son, Brian. He also lives in Iowa.

Paul's Mom & Dad, Fran & Walt. They are a pleasure to visit with.

Paul & Donna. Donna's a long time friend, ocassional percussionist, plus she is a great "audience" on band nights.

Donna with her new baby grandson, Alexander Thomas, born 7-17-04.

This is our drummer, Jimmy, and his son Jim Jr..

This is my Dad, a couple months before he got married in 2001.

Mike's son Michael

Me, Mike's beautiful Mom JoAnn, and Mike's nephew Jason at Jason's 19th birthday party (July 2004).

Maxina the sun conure meets Flat Jacob. Flat Jacob was a special visitor we had join us in March 2005.

Here Flat Jacob meets a few of the cockatiels. Flat Jacob symbolizes our nephew who was unable to attend a family gathering with his father.

My little sister, Denise.

Mike's Mom right before she left for Georgia in October 2005.

Our nephew, Jason, right after he got his new pair of glasses which his Uncle Mike bought for him.

Madalin in her belly dancing days.

Madalin from her Hollywood days.

Taken from the back porch at my Dad and Madalin's place down in Bethpage. Count them turkeys! Can you find the kitten?


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