• We love to talk about our birds and if you have any questions about them, please feel free to contact us at mmmadison@prodigy.net


    The Barraband The Cockatiels
    The Conures The Pionus

    ♫♪♫   Listen to a male cockatiel duet here (Sunshine & CreamPuff).

    ♫♪♫   Listen to Sunshine, a male cockatiel singing.

    ♫♪♫   Listen to Buttons (cockatiel, hatched Aug. 1981) sing his song in 2004.

    ♫♪♫   Listen to the nearly silent peeps of our female cockatiel, Georgie Girl.

    ♫♪♫   Listen to our sun conure Whammy calling for his "Mommy" (me. Margi).

    ♫♪♫  This is a typical morning at my house.  You'll hear just about everyone here, including Gizmo (Nanday conure) the loudest bird we have.


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