My Pionus Photo Gallery  

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This is Sweetie Pi, Stinky's companion. She is a real sweetheart. Stinky share his affections between Sweetie and Mommy (me, Margi).

Sweetie Pi and Stinky Pi, enjoying a Saturday afternoon outside. They've had their shower, you can still see the water dripping from their cage bars.

What a pretty Sweetie Pi posing for a picture.

Sweetie Pi on the left and Stinky Pi on the right. What a cute couple, eh? They are really beautiful birds and their feathers are so colorful.

Stinky loves his Brownberry 12-grain bread, it is one of his favorites. He blows a high-pitched kiss each time you hand him a piece.

Here is Stinky Man enjoying his bath. The pionus love to bathe.

Gee, Sweetie, wait a minute, I'm grabbing the mister. <smile> The sound of the shower really gets them going as you can see.

Sweetie & Little Bird - buddies.

Stinky Pi enjoying a dog biscuit.

Sweetie Pi, our female white capped pionus.

What a handsome Stinky man.

Stinky Pi in silhouette out my front window at sunset.


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